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When Customers Need Help, the Digital Remote Advisor Comes In!


Digital remote advisors are spreading fast in the Customer Care business and offer remote high-quality support that is changing the Customer support system. This technology allows Customers to be supported in their purchase experience, in the same way, they would be in physical stores.

Today, online Customer service is fully required and since we live in a fully digital world,  it has become a necessity. 

In many industries Customers expect a specific service to support them and their demands are more and more specific; however, consumers are still impressed when they obtain immediate and exhaustive support, especially in a digital context. 

Those companies who implemented real-time digital solutions have obtained great benefits from them; also Customers raise their satisfaction level and thus their loyalty towards the brand.

When Customers enter a store, they are welcomed by shop assistants and they are helped and advised during the purchase. The staff knows what the Customer needs and know perfectly how to help him; they offer products to him or alternatives in case it misses what he is looking for.

The digital remote advisor can be used to implement this technique in a digital context, giving the user a wide offer and let him choose what suits better for him (being it an object or a service). So it is up to the remote advice system to take care of the Customer, like in physical stores.

According to the research "Financial Advisor Client Experience Report" by Qualtrics, Clients who have switched advisors say their motivation was high fees, poor service, and lack of personalized attention.

This is a dangerous signal and it is important to work on it, both on physical and online services. The digital remote advisor offers to the Customer the same professional service as a shop assistant, employee or consultant can offer in-store.

They can discover visitors necessities and preferences, guide them during their navigation and assure the best experience and the success of their purchase. A well structured remote advisory system can achieve similar experiences and results, providing the Customers' best experience.

Consumers' expectations keep on changing and they develop preferences and necessities very fast, according to trends and market changes. Digital solutions such as remote advisor help the Customer to focus on their real needs and educate them with the aim of selling the best product to every single person and not all products to everybody.

Finally, it is important to highlight the crucial points that hold the digital remote advisor vision. They have the aim of giving advice to Customers at a distance and guiding them as physical attendants do. This technology has a central location in the Customer Experience and keeps on uploading and updating, in order to catch the Customer's interest seamlessly.

In conclusion, companies have a challenge, and it is to serve digital oriented Customers and take advantage of them as a differentiating aspect. Digital remote advisory system has to focus on one main objective: Customer's experience!


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