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ChatBot as Virtual Agent: The Intelligent Service Comes to Operators' Help

by Mkgt team | July 16, 2019

ChatBot technology represents an enormous potential for enhancing the customer journey; it is increasingly widespread, and it is becoming a part of all of our digital lives. Its application is spreading into messaging platforms and it has been launched as a digital assistant by the largest technology companies.

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Topics: customer service, chatbot, virtual agent

How ChatBots can Enhance a Call deflection strategy

by Mktg team | June 18, 2019

Nowadays people are used to obtain whatever information they need before even asking. This is the kind of user experience we all want to receive. This is particularly the case when we have a question or issue that needs to be addressed! The contact centers that we explain our problems to don’t always give us what we need and when we need it, which can be more than a little frustrating.

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Topics: mobile customer support, chat automation, chatbot, chatbots

How ChatBots and real agents can cooperate to deliver the best Customer Experience

by Mktg team | February 26, 2019

Companies are constantly looking for a way to improve and evolve, in order to offer their customers the best possible service. In this digital age, real agents and ChatBots are necessities when attempting to provide amazing customer service; so let’s look at how they can cooperate to give an unforgettable Customer Experience.

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Topics: customer experience, call center agent, chatbot