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The Data-driven Approach to a Better Customer Experience

Data driven approach

Consumers’ behaviours are changing, what they envision is every channel connected, forecast made, recommendations shared and customer service contacted whenever they want. 

They not only interact more frequently, than ever before, with brands but also have a single interaction on multiple touchpoints.

Consumers want to interact with brands on social media, on their website, through an app, via email etc. because their experience is everyday more and more digital and omnichannel.  And they are demanding a seamless and personalized brand experience every step of the way.  


What is required to a brand to create this type of experience?

A data-driven approach!


For a customer to continue their relationship with a brand what truly matters is the experience that they have before – during – after the purchase, based on recent research that element seems to be one of the main reasons for a user to leave and choose a competitor. A data-driven approach allows a company to have all the information required to give customers exactly what they need, when and where they want it and improve the so-called customer journey. Their main need is to be attended in the best and fastest way possible, even through customer self-service.  

But what do we mean with self-service? 

Self-service allows you to give online support to your users without having to directly interact with them through an agent. The main types of customer self-service are knowledge base, FAQs but also online discussion forums.

Nowadays, providing this type of resource to your consumers is a must. In fact, it has become so important that 70% of them now expect a company’s website to include a self-service application.

How to build an effective knowledge base

In order to transform the amount of information that a company has into a knowledge base, make it accessible and keep it updated today we can count on AI based solutions that allow you to do it in a fast and easy way. But what is key for a knowledge base to be effective? As cited by CMI Magazine a knowledge base has to be: written, continuously updated and that it speaks the language of the user.

Today, there are various solutions available that allow you to provide this service to your customers: they go from being integrated in omnichannel platforms to ad hoc instruments such as IKnowYou created by Digitiamo. 

This technology analyses every conversation human to human in order to identify and cluster support requests based on customer segments.  This application manages to learn from customers’ questions and agents’ answers, creating a knowledge base that continuously develops through human conversations and that turns into the learning engine for chatbots. 


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Discover more about this technology 

IKnowYou allows to better understand what areas can be improved through the analysis of conversations and then extract data about multiple elements such as: 

  • How is my  Bot performing? 
  • In which areas users need more assistance? 
  • How are user feedbacks balanced?

Digitiamo - IKnowYou


Using this technology it is possible to easily check and filter every conversation to see where one needs to take action to improve but also identify conversations that need to be analyzed and control the quality of the service provided to actual and potential customers. 

Going back to the concept of knowledge base that we were discussing before, with IKnowYou it is possible to work on multiple projects at the same time, have topics automatically organized before copywriting but also to keep track of possible improvements by checking the conversations database and last but not least it is possible to detect topics quality and diffusion.


Knowledge editor

Previously, we also underlined the importance of a knowledge base that can be continuously updated and improved and this aspect is one of the key elements of success of this application with the possibility to quickly adapt to sudden arrival of new data.

With this kind of solution, any company can decide and take actions that are data-driven and that guide towards results based on what customers truly need and what, which is the key to a long lasting relationship .

Co-edited with:

Mirko Puliafito, CEO of Digitiamo, 15 years of professional experience in product and project management. Passionate about business growth hacking and scaling up.

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