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How ChatBots can Enhance a Call Deflection Strategy


Nowadays people are used to obtain whatever information they need before even asking. This is the kind of user experience we all want to receive, but the contact centers don’t always give us what we need and when we need it, which can be more than a little frustrating. 

That is where ChatBots come in! So, what exactly are these bots and how can this technology results in a call deflection for the contact center?Let’s find out!

What are ChatBots?

To put it simply, ChatBots are computer programs designed to simulate conversations with human users. They are one of the most used medium for dealing with customer related issues over the Internet. Many brands have made the transition to ChatBots in order to give their customers easy access to information via messaging apps and virtual assistants. ChatBots are  becoming more sophisticated everyday, adapting to take on more complex tasks and become even more knowledgeable.

As you can see, these bots are quite incredible as they take us even further into the virtual age. So, let’s look at the ways in which these bots can result in fewer requests for the customer service center.

1. Instantaneous customer response

Now, the average company or brand will take around 24 hours to respond to a customer query, which can often be frustrating for those waiting for a response. This is where the bots come in and play their vital role. When a customer lodges a query or issue, a bot can register it. This will really help to soothe your customers as they feel their voices have been heard and they know that their queries have been logged.

If it is an issue or query that is frequently asked, the bot will be able to give the correct response from its database and cut-down the wait time of the customer drastically. If it is a more specialised question that the bot isn’t equipped to answer, then it will be able to offer an approximate time when a customer service assistant will be in touch. This is becoming increasingly rare though as the bots continue to advance and become more knowledgeable!

2. Customer education

Chatbots are a perfect way to build a customer’s knowledge and to help them knowing your product or service in a way that facilitates easy interaction. It’s not a secret that educating your customers about what you offer is the best way to prevent calls to the contact center as those who are in-the-know won’t need that much intervention or help. Moreover, bots are easy to use even for the less experienced users. Therefore, everybody will obtain the information that they are seeking without difficulty.

3. Cohesive work with the customer service team

When we think of customer service, we always think of a human voice or even a human face that helps us and guides us through any issues; instead, we are entering an era where bots are working to fulfil the role of customer service assistants. They are on the front lines, often as our first point of contact for queries, issues and even complaints. According to a research conducted by Hubspot, in 2017 40% of Consumers do not care whether they are helped by a human or a virtual agent, as long as they are getting the support they need.


As mentioned before, bots have the ability to filter the routinely asked, generic questions from those complex queries that require a human touch. This eases the pressure which is constantly placed on the agents in industries that are no longer under a deluge of complaints 24/7 and allows them to focus on those complaints and queries that need a little more care. The fact that they work so cohesively and quickly means that calls are much more infrequent and that customer satisfaction is at an all-time high.


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