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How ChatBots and Real Agents Can Cooperate to Deliver the Best CX


Companies are constantly looking for a way to improve and evolve, in order to offer their customers the best possible service. In this digital age, real agents and ChatBots are necessities when attempting to provide amazing customer service; so let’s look at how they can cooperate to give an unforgettable Customer Experience.

Instant responses

We live in an age where efficiency is everything, especially when it comes to customer service. Unfortunately, customer care agents have their limit: they can't answer an infinite number of calls and queries in one day. This can be frustrating for customers; therefore, it is possible to combine bots and real agents to provide customer support 24/7.
It is interesting, that 42% of consumer think it should be normal to get a response by a Chatbot within 5 seconds (Drift's survey), but unlike a human agent, this is almost always possible.

Even the simplest of responses, like an acknowledgement of the customers’ query or complaint, is important and ensures that the customers feel valued.

ChatBots can cover frequently asked questions

Now, as previously mentioned, real agents are rather limited in what they can fulfil in one day. Therefore, it's necessary to find solutions that can help them to dedicate more time to answer the real queries. That is where bots come in. They can help customers to handle the simple tasks and answer the queries that are asked on a regular basis.

ChatBots can process the information and take them through the steps needed to complete the task, as instructed in the software that is regularly updated. If more complex issues come through the portal and are beyond the ChatBots capabilities, they can be passed to the real agents.

Respect for customer's time

Whenever we call a contact center to speak with an agent, it’s inevitable that we will be kept waiting and listen to that dreaded hold music on repeat. Of course, the customer care agents cannot help this, but bots can really help to improve this situation. ChatBots can increase the efficiency of customer conversations in the messaging channels. If you deal with a ChatBot first, it could either be able to help solve your problem or it could refer you to someone who can.

Most of the time you are directed to someone else, you will be given a time estimate of how long you will be waiting and can arrange the call so that the customer care agent calls you and then you will not have to wait around for the call. This is a huge advance in customer service.

ChatBots can take away those boring tasks

It is no secret that humans tend to be less productive when they are given a recurring job or task. ChatBots can automate tasks which have to be done frequently and, at the right time, they help agents saving time and be more productive so that they can concentrate on the tasks that need more direct contact or even just that human touch.

According to a State of Service's survey, 64% of agents working with AI chatbots are able to spend most of their time solving complex problems, versus 50% of agents who don't have the support of a chatbot. 

ChatBots can understand several different languages and accents

Thanks to the advances with the Chatbots, it is easy to type in a different language for live chat. In addition to being able to type in a different language for live chat, the voice recognition software has dramatically advanced in recent years also. Nevertheless, there are still some difficult issues and, moreover, not all customer care agents are multilingual. ChatBots, on the other hand, are capable of speaking several languages and also of understanding several different accents on automated calls.

In this way, it is all made simple, and customers feel more satisfied and less frustrated with the customer service.

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