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Visual Remote Support: Assist your Customers Through a Shared View


If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine what you can do with video. 

Imagine how easy it would be to solve issues in 5 minutes, without the technician of the customer support to leave the office. Now stop imagining, it is already possible!

Winter holidays are finally here... let's go to the mountains!

It's snowing and the journey is long, but everyone is happy to stay with their family. After hours of travel we finally arrive, but ...the house is freezing, the heating has not turned on!

"No problem, a call to the call center and we solve everything." 

Minutes later:

 - "What is the model of the boiler?"

- "I have no idea. I can’t find any label, how do I understand the model?"

- "Is the contact light on?"

- "There are no lights, maybe I have to press some buttons?"

- “But is it fixed or flashing?”

- "I repeat, there are no lights!"

- "And the purge valve is open?"

- "There are 3 valves, which one are you talking about??"

- "Try to reset the boiler.”

-"And how should I do it? I don't see any red buttons...

Frustrating, isn't?


The Solution — Visual Remote Support

Wouldn't it be easier to receive a link via SMS on your smartphone and be guided step by step by the agent? Now, thanks to Vivocha, he sees exactly what we see!

Once the Customer calls for assistance, the agent can propose a video session and send him an SMS with a personalized link. Just one click and the video session starts. No downloads. No configurations.

The Customer can now share their mobile camera to provide a complete view of the situation or problem. The agent can highlight issues, point out key items, take screenshots and even directly open a ticket, to come to a resolution more efficiently than ever before.

Many scenarios are adapted to the application of the Visual tech Support, for example: 

• Telco & Media: installation and support for routers, set-top boxes,...

• IT: assistance on computers, smart tv or audio devices.

• ECommerce: assistance in the sale of complex products (e.g. a spare part of a washing machine or products for DIY)

With Visual Remote Support you can expect REAL results

An effective omnichannel strategy can deliver results beyond expectations; when you solve issues faster, customers are happier. By guiding a customer to resolution you are providing an invaluable lesson which reduces the likelihood of them to come back with the same problem.

Thanks to visual tech support the services' results are tangible on both the customer and the agent's sides. If the agent guides the Customer in the right way, they will probably be able to solve the issue by themselves. This improves customer satisfaction, but also increases call center efficiency and first call resolution.

* Significant reduction in  AHT thanks to visual communication

* Higher customer satisfaction and less churn

A look forward

In a few time, It will no longer be necessary to call the Call Center number; the Customer will simply frame a QR-Code with its smartphone to launch the video session.

While the customer will be in contact with an operator through voice and chat, the system will automatically collect data, which will be passed into a section of the Agent Desktop; this allows the agent to know in advance information from the customer and they issue.

Last, but not least, the Virtual Assistant could once again come into help: it will be possible for the Customer to be welcomed by a Bot, that will provide preliminary information (which are often resolutive).


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