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Visual Appraisal – The digital solution for the insurance sector

Because of the pandemic that we have been living for the past year our lives have changed and been put on hold at the same time. So many aspects of our daily activities have been turned upside down because of the reduced possibilities of interacting face-to-face and of travelling to numerous physical locations.

Not everything turned out to be completely negative because this difficult time pushed companies to break their boundaries and to conceive more digital services.

One sector that really found a way to turn things around this past year was the insurance sector. Companies within this industry managed to rapidly spread digital services and allow their clients to still benefit from the collaboration with their experts but from the comfort of their home and without running any health risks.

One of the main examples of the rapid digital evolution of this sector is the “visual appraisal”, that enables licensed appraisers to complete a repair estimation without the necessity of meeting the client.

Video Perizia

Visual Appraisal - What does this service imply

A visual appraisal implies that the expert, through the company’s platform, can manage and schedule appointments and send reminders (email, sms) to the client who will be able to directly take the call from a mobile device by clicking on the received link. 

This type of appraisal can also start with the customer asking for and scheduling an appointment with an expert directly from the insurance portal or Mobile App. The client will be supported in a fast, digital way and the insurance will save time and money in comparison to a traditional, physical appraisal. The dialog will start through an audio and video communication between the user using a special Mobile App and the expert, using a specific console (Vivocha provides one).

This solution allows the expert to take photos, capture video frames, underline and highlight elements through white-board functionality but also make notes about the state of the damage (during and after the call) without having to be present.

Everything will be collected in a single folder on the company’s portal and the licensed appraisers will always be able to access the information about the client (the record, the state of the damage etc.) and modify or upload new information and documentation until the completion of the task. What is also interesting is that the agent can always access all the information about the client even during the video call without having to interrupt the communication. 

Through the support of artificial intelligence, it will be possible to evaluate the quality of photos and information in real-time. During the remote appraisal, the system will collect automatically the data of the Customer, that will be sent to the operator on the agent desktop. It will also be possible to interact with anti-fraud tools directly during the Appraisal in order to avoid any issue later on.

Vivocha can be perfectly integrated in this process. We are deeply investing, with our clients, in providing the technology necessary for this type of service, which is becoming a key differentiating factor and a massive competitive advantage. 

Essentially, what we integrate with the client’s solution is: the appointment scheduler (that allows to schedule, modify or cancel an appointment), the technology to conduct a trusted visual claim on mobile devices and the possibility to send a link to access the call, which can be sent through various types of reminders.

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