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Video Solution for Telemedicine, Today and Tomorrow


Telemedicine, it's a quite new service, but the unexpected Covid-19 pandemic outbreak, especially in Italy, is speeding up and increase its diffusion.
Since March 2020, in fact, there have been huge transformations in the perception and digitalisation process of businesses, first of all in medical and healthcare.Telemedicine allows major accessibility to healthcare, cost-effectiveness and increase patient engagement.
In the current historical moment, telemedicine is widespread very fast because of the need to monitor the infection of the Covid-19, limit it and take care of patients not in serious condition to avoid overcrowding of hospitals.

But what about tomorrow? Known as a technological advancement that is changing the entire healthcare infrastructure, telemedicine is here to stay.
Healthcare systems, physician practices, and skilled nursing facilities will use telemedicine from now on to improve their services.
Technologies like remote support platform, electronic medical records, AI diagnosis and medical streaming devices can better assist medical providers in diagnosis and treatment and leads to better patient outcomes.

Although telemedicine is most beneficial to primary care, it also benefits various medical specialities, like radiology, mental health, paediatrics, dermatology.

Vivocha Solution for Telemedicine

Telemedicine is conducted in several ways and the Vivocha platform allows multiple solutions to satisfy all the use cases. With Vivocha the customer-patient can ask for a consultation on digital channels from a doctor who provides a precise, personalised remote video consultancy. The patient can schedule the appointment and manage it at the best time for him, without leaving their house and receiving the same complete service he would receive during a traditional medical examination.
The doctor can also send and receive documents or medical reports and add them to the patient record, and eventually send all the information to and external system.

Here are some of the many use cases that Vivocha can support, within a single platform.
• Chronic Disease Management: monitoring patients health over long distances;
• Sharing Medical Information: storing and forward, to share patient records over different health facilities;
• Paramedic/Ambulatory: video consultations to triage their patients, and organise priorities;
• Remote Clinics: scheduling and then start a remote visit with a doctor.

Patients need it now!

Hospital, healthcare system and all related business usually require a custom solution to implement telemedicine into their existing workflow, nevertheless following and adapting to customer needs and new digital habits.
The Vivocha platform can be integrated on a website/mobile app and many different channels, thanks to his API-based structure and can be customised as needed, in no time.
Patients deserve an immediate solution, which offers multiple features combined in a simple and unique interface, to make the support process quick and complete.

What are the benefits? 

Telemedicine offers benefits from different points of view: on one hand, physicians and specialist can better organise their agenda, visit more patients without the need to hire more staff or increase office space, monitor constantly their patients and see a reduction in the number of people going to the hospital for simple diseases; customers, on the other hand, can better organise their time, save money to go to the medical structure and aged or people with mobility difficulties don't have to struggle to find care options every single time.

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