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Using Social Messaging To Improve Customer Service

Social Messaging

Social messaging is fast becoming a core component of Customer service. In particular, the ability for Customers to quickly and easily get in touch with your business is very appealing. Through social messaging, Customers are able to have greater privacy, receive new message notifications and get even quicker responses. 

Optimizing your social messaging is essential to improving the overall Customer service experience you can provide. Here are five strategies to help get you started.

1. Use a relevant channel

In order to get the most out of social messaging, you need to choose a messaging app that is most relevant and appealing to your particular Customer demographic. Spend some time researching which social messaging channels your Customers find most relevant. You may even find that it is more effective to be available on multiple channels.

2. Check Customers know the channel you are available on

Social messaging apps are only effective if they are used, so make sure that your Customers know that you are there to help and that you offer these channel of communication. Usually, when a Customer wants to get in touch, they will head to the company’s contact page. If you’ve decided to use a social messaging app make sure it’s an option which features clearly on your contact page and on any social media channels you are using.

3. Meet Customer expectations

A key aspect to making your social messaging work effectively and successfully is being able to not only meet, but also surpass Customers’ expectations when they get in touch with you. Train all your Customer service agents and be sure they are familiar with the structure and processes of the platform your business is using, as well as the type of communication style which Customers are likely to expect. For instance, when using social messaging apps, Customers are much more likely to expect short, concise information.

4. Use a multichannel platform

If you decide to use multiple messaging apps, maybe in addition to traditional Customer service channels, then it’s essential that you stay on top of all incoming messages and don’t miss any communication. Rather than using multiple tools and channels to reply, consider using a centralized platform. With an omnichannel Customer support cloud platform, such as Vivocha, you can easily combine all your conversation from social media channels like Whatsapp, Apple Business Chat, Slack Microsoft Teams and Facebook Messenger, together in one place, gaining incredibly easy organization and multiple advantages.

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5. Monitor your KPIs

As with other aspects of your business, it’s essential that you monitor your KPIs. There are a few KPIs that you should monitor when it comes to social messaging. First of all monitor your average response times; this can impact significantly on overall Customer satisfaction. Review with regularity the time-to-answer rate and ensure that it matches the standards and time frame Customers would expect, especially for social media, where they have different standards. Secondly, monitor Customer satisfaction: it is the core of all Customer service, so your customer support should be helping to either meet or even surpass their Customers’ expectations. Another useful KPI to measure is volume. Having a clear understanding of the average messages per day you receive and even the busiest times of the day can be helpful, allowing you to arrange staffing correctly by anticipating potential peaks in messages.


Social messaging apps are becoming increasingly popular and even expected when it comes to Customer service. Make sure that your business is meeting and exceeding Customer’s expectations by offering relevant messaging apps and responding to messages within the expected time-frame, including using a centralized system to ensure you don’t miss any messages. Ensure that you continue to monitor your KPIs, particularly Customer feedback and satisfaction. By applying these simple strategies, you’ll not only be offering Customers an easier way to communicate with you, but you will be ensuring that they have a high-quality, positive Customer service experience and remain loyal to your brand.


Guest Post By:
Molly Crockett is an experienced marketing writer for Ukwritings.com and Academized.com , where she offers advice and tips on ways to develop and improve businesses’ marketing strategies. She also regularly writes for Boomessays.com. Molly enjoys sharing lifestyle and personal development advice and tips with her readers, which are rooted in her own unique lifestyle outlook and practices.

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