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Top 6 Customer Experience Trends for 2020

Future business2020 is foreseen as a year where businesses will show the biggest interest in tools, technologies and services to take care of their Customers.
In a world where doing Customer service right it's increasingly easier, a good Customer service experience might not be a differentiator. Customers require value.

73% of Customers leave the brand if they don't get a satisfying experience across all touchpoints. To deliver consistent and comprehensive experience, the contact center needs the combined efforts of other departments.

In this article, we are going to analyse the most dominant trends that are making and will continue making a significant impact on Customer Support services. Having a deep understanding of these trends will help you to find an answer to the most important wondering: "What can I do today to help Customers get value from what I offer?"

Omnichannel approach to gain Client fidelity

According to research, businesses that leverage omnichannel engagement, retain 89% of their Customers while businesses using traditional methods kept just 33% of their Customers.

Omnichannel doesn’t mean every Customer uses every single channel but that a good strategy engages Customers where they want to.

Omnichannel communication is not an entirely new trend,  It has grown over the years. Today is clear that while Customers journey may begin on one channel, their feedback can come from a different one, and maybe they will ask for assistance from a third one.
Customers desire the most a consistent and personalised experience, regardless of the channel they choose.

Cloud-based call center service

There’s a reason why cloud deployment is a long-standing technology trend.
The cloud gives the possibility to gain flexibility and scalability for the Contact Center. Middle size call centers work to match bigger competitors and cloud-based solution let them adapt to business needs on the fly.

Thanks to the integration of CRM and real-time communication tools, it is possible to manage leads easily and with little effort for staff and expenses. A cloud-based business allows to work remotely and from different geographical locations; this help businesses to build remotely workforce to support Clients anytime, anywhere. This is certainly one of the top call center trends to watch out for in 2020.

Many businesses have already adopted cloud communications as part of their strategies, and it has become particularly important for contact centers. With the steady increase in remote agents, cloud communications are a necessity for businesses who want to take advantage of seamless team communications and collaboration.

Analytics-driven improvement 

Analytics is the most empowering part of any data-driven business and it will continue to remain a core part of business strategy in 2020.

Data doesn't change, what is changing in recent times it the way they are used. This is the newest trend: smart data to smarter Customer engagement.
Data collection goes beyond likes, ticket resolution and Customer satisfaction; to offer the best experience you need to invest in the technology to get the metrics that really matter.
With AI-enabled and analytics tools, there is the possibility to analyse at 360° Customers' needs and prioritize them. 

Many companies who have already made their mark in the international market leverage various data coming from different channels to solve Customers' problems. According to researches, this can reduce repeat calls by 50%.

Artificial intelligence for agent support

AI is strictly connected to many of the topics we are talking about; AI collects and analyzes data to finds trends within it and provide useful insights, but also help handle interactions volume. 

AI has brought multiple, behind-the-scene benefits to call centers. For example, saving time for algorithm coding to manage routing system; with AI-based applications, businesses can now route conversations to the “most qualified” agent without keeping the client in wait.

Moreover, the introduction of AI into conversations has revolutionized the agent's efficiency: AI and ChatBots assimilate information to create patterns that agent can be managed easily. For example, if the agent receives a complain he can easily choose from multiple answer options.
Finally, with AI, IVR systems pull up relevant information and historical data from Customer’s history, enabling agents to deliver personalized experiences.

Self Service as a first option

In 2020, self-assist tools use will rise because always more companies believe it will free up their agents to focus on more complex requests. 

Surveys have shown Customer's strong disposition towards self-service solutions over agent support. According to the Harvard Business Review, “81% of all Customers attempt to troubleshoot themselves before reaching out to a live representative.”

Customer self-service is really beneficial to call center agents. But how? Well, consumers view a call center as a last option. If they find clarifications or answers to quick questions on a company’s resources, then they won’t bother to contact agents and this shortens the call queues and saves time for agents to concentrate on complex issues.

Never forget Social Media

63% of Consumers expect a brand to offer Customer support through social media channels.

Funny post and random hashtag are not efficient; Customers know social media and know how to use them. They expect you to know them as well and to offer a two-way social media conversation, with a high level of personalization.

An effective social media presence is a necessity. Customers want a place they can go to give quick feedback and learn about their favourite businesses.
Forward-looking businesses will be using the social media trend to create a superb Customer experience by unifying communications across channels into one stream. This contribution to the connection of their Customers with agents who knows their purchase and service history, provides valuable context.

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