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SMS and Social Media: the Favourite Channels to Attract Millennials


It’s inevitable. Millennials will have the biggest financial influence in the next few decades and today, we are already beginning to feel their increasing purchasing power. 

The question is: are you attractive enough for them to do business with?


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There’s only one way to be able to successfully address the millennial market, and that’s by being more in tune with how they communicate - chats and social media. I’m sure this isn’t news to you. So let’s explore how we as organizations can keep in touch with millennials while still maintaining professionalism.

One of the best ways is to adopt a customer engagement platform such as Vivocha. By using this platform, you can manage all your digital interactions, including text chats on your website, apps or social media.

Millennials, when approaching your company, will still be met with all the communication channels they are familiar with such as chatting and social media while at the same time, you can still oversee all these interactions under one platform. That means you can get insights coming from analytics from all these channels as well.

Why Vivocha is the perfect tool

You can install chat capabilities on your website, mobile apps and integrate Facebook Messenger with Vivocha. This allows your customer service team to manage all text chat requests in one platform; no need to switch from one chat tool to another.

Vivocha doesn’t also just let you easily manage text chats. It extends your chat capabilities and increase your engagement making your chat activities more than just providing customer support but also about increasing leads and sales.

Take for example Vivocha proactivity rules allow you to prompt a chat popup on your specific website pages or when they reach a certain point within a webpage. Instead of waiting for the customer to click the “chat with us” button on your page, you initiate the interaction instead. You can easily install this functionality in pages that are meant to generate leads such as a landing page.

You also have the opportunity to cultivate the level of trust out of a text chat since you can just as easily switch that contact into an audio or video chat if the situation calls for it.

One step closer through Facebook Messenger

When someone wants to check a company’s profile, the first thing that’s searched for is the organization’s website; a close second is their Facebook page. Since majority of those that use the internet have a Facebook account, companies have established their identities there.

If you want your organization to be viewed positively by millennials, then you need to be present and active in social media. You need to have a proper strategy and dedicated personnel focused on this specific area.

Vivocha’s Facebook Messenger integration allows your agents to handle your customers’ chats initiated through Facebook Messenger right there in the Vivocha platform.

Use the right tool

To be able to communicate and engage with your millennial target market, you need a tool that is able to cover all your online customer engagement activities.

Advanced tools such as Vivocha have been specially developed to cover all the customer engagement needs and preferences of your customers.

Vivocha can incorporate text chats on any or every single page of your website, so if a website visitor has any questions, you can deliver answers quickly and even guide them towards the right service or product they are looking for. This also allows you more opportunities to increase sales as visitors are guided towards becoming customers.

Advanced Vivocha capabilities such as Proactive Engagement allows automatic pop-ups in certain parts of your page that offers visitors to connect with one of your representatives live. This basically allows you to initiate the conversation first and further encourages visitors to engage with one of your agents.


If you don’t want your organization left behind, you need to find a way to efficiently cover the most favourite channels to attract millennials. Powerful customer engagement platforms such as Vivocha make this easier.


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Text Messaging, The Future Channel for Customer Care


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