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Customer Service Collaboration: a Key Step for the Perfect CX


Today, customers can get in touch with companies' assistance center, which offer them different contact channels, like call, chat and video chat. Nevertheless, sometimes it is necessary to use something more, that allows the agent to get in deeper contact with the customer. It's here that real-time collaboration tools come into play.

Real-time collaboration products help the online contact and transmission because they humanise the online sales and support at the best the customers experiences. This happens because these instruments enable agents to interact with the visitors and support them in a more direct way, thanks to the sharing of the browser. 

The communication becomes more natural and efficient, making the relationship between the customer and the agent more similar to the one that takes place in-store.

Real-time collaboration advantages

Real-time collaboration instruments, as we said, are very useful in the customer-agent communication; now let's focus on the advantages that this technology brings to the market.

First of all, real-time communications tools reduce customer support costs and errors in the order process. Thanks to the possibility of getting in deeper contact, to share more information easily, it is possible to reduce the costs and the errors in the ordering phase. The process is shorter and more specific and in this way agents can conclude faster the deals and have more time to handle other interactions.

Another important result brought by these tools is the reduction of the abandoned cart and consequently the increase of salesDuring a co-browsing session, for example, it is possible to guide prospects to and through the check-out process, lowering the abandonment rate. 

This aspect, together with the advanced functions of collaborative tools, brings to an augmentation of the success and purchases too.

Finally, real-time collaboration tools help to gain customer's loyalty. If customers have positive experiences, their opinion towards the brand will grow. This influences customers' satisfaction even more than product price or quality. 

The customer has the opportunity to go further during his online experience and to gain more personalisation thanks to the aid of communication and collaboration tools.

Vivocha solution

Vivocha offers a series of tools that allow the agent to help the visitor in a more personal way, guiding him better through the navigation and in the research of what he needs.

It is possible as well to know in real-time the navigation path of visitors, the pages they visit and the page from where they ask for assistance.

Now let's see briefly which are the main collaboration tools that Vivocha offers: seamless co-browsing and form sharing, to share the page view with the agent and to co-navigate documents with mouse over and annotation tools; secure file transfer, to transfer files from the agent to the customer and back; page pushing, to link a page to the customer and redirect him directly to that page.

The Vivocha collaboration suite of products humanises the online sales and supports experience, enabling contact center agents to interact with customers and assist them via a shared browser. Thanks to the use of these products, the communication becomes far more natural, effective and efficient, bringing the customer-agent exchange closer to that of an in-store, in-person interaction.


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