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Real-Time Collaboration: a Must-Have for Modern Banking


Banks today operate in age where the customers have more demands and expectations.

 At the same time, new procedures brought about by more and more government regulations make it difficult to provide a streamlined process for your customers.



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We all know how important customer service is in the financial sector. Dealing a lot with customers’ money, you need to assure your clients that you are there to support them when they need you. Fail in this, and you could risk losing customers to other banks that are able to provide live assistance in a more efficient way.

This is why you need to be able to support your customer service activities with real-time collaboration.

Real-time collaboration in Vivocha

To have a capable customer service team with advanced functionalities such as real-time collaboration, you need an advanced and feature-rich customer engagement platform such as Vivocha.

Through its real-time collaboration function, Vivocha allows your agents to work together with your customers to help them achieve certain tasks even if they are geographically separated from each other.

As a customer engagement platform, it’s specially designed and packed with all the tools and functionalities you need for interacting with customers whether they need support for products or services, personalized consultancy or helping leads and prospects become paying customers.

It’s not just a mere chat application. You need a platform that has the complete set of tools to reach your goal of generating trust and a great relationship with your clients.

While real-time collaboration tool will be nice, won’t it be better to have real-time collaboration along with screen-sharing, co-browsing, text and video chats, integration with social media, analytics and more? That’s what Vivocha can deliver. A complete package for engaging with your customers.

Banking applications

There are many banking use cases of real-time collaboration during customer support.

One common application of real-time collaboration is filling forms during online banking. There are many processes such as bank transfers or credit cards emission where customers might not understand certain requirements. Vivocha has a specific functionality called Form Sharing where customer service agents can help fill forms.

If a customer is having trouble understanding your product offerings or where to access certain functionalities in app or during the website navigation, Vivocha’s co-browsing capabilities can allow your agents to view your screen or take control. The agent can even mark certain parts of the page that can be seen by the customer if the agent wants them to go to click a link or draw attention to a part of the page.

Another useful application can be used if a customer wants to clarify certain parts of a contract that they are about to sign. The customer can be invited to join the agent's Screen Casting session, which will allow the customer to view the contract in PDF that the agent is sharing. This functionality is provided by Vivocha, and can have many different applications.

Even if the agent has other apps or browsers open, the agent can choose to only stream the PDF file. This way, the customer and the agent can look at the same file as if they were side-by-side.


Real-time collaboration can be your organization’s latest customer service advantage. With the increasing popularity of mobile and online banking, you will need better ways to provide customer support that only real-time collaboration could provide.

By adopting customer engagement platforms that have real-time collaboration such as Vivocha, you are empowering your customer service agents and giving them the full range of capabilities to support customers as if they were there in person. At the same time, your customers will certainly thank you for the better service provided. Finally, you will also be differentiating your organization in an increasingly competitive industry.

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Real-Time Collaboration

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