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Messaging for Customer Care: No More an Option

by Mktg team | November 15, 2019

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MessagingPhoto by ROBIN WORRALL on Unsplash

Why use messaging apps as a channel for Customer Care? Simply because 67% of people expect to use it to talk to your business! Adding messaging channels like Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, and Twitter, improves Customer Care because makes interactions easier, allows secure information sharing and give off a fresh image of your company.

Messaging apps in the Digital Customer Support have multiple advantages: first of all, they are a valid alternative to Live Chat, then allow to make asynchronous conversations and offer a lot of useful functions like "message read" status, image and geolocation.

Messaging apps are mainstream and their use is going to increase always more thanks to new platforms like Apple Business Chat and WhatsApp Business. According to Gartner in a few years messaging apps use will even surpass traditional channel in Customer Care.

Be there in the right place

Being available for your Customers on relevant channels is core. Various companies adopt an omnichannel approach and use all digital channels for Customer Care; among them, messaging is one of the most popular, especially among younger customers, in fact, 91% of teenager use messaging apps every day.

Another factor to consider is the users' preferences based on demographics. If you operate in different countries, you should make sure to be available on the most popular messaging apps. For example, in Europe most people use Whatsapp but in North America, Facebook Messenger is preferred.

When Using Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger customers expect you to behave exactly as they do with friends and family; that's why you must adapt your service to the style of that specific channel, offering the right experience to your customer.

Choose an omnichannel platform to manage the service at the best

If operators are handling interactions on multiple channels it is fundamental to use a single digital platform to unify their management while integrating all features; furthermore, agents will get a unified history of the customer and won't lose single information.

Vivocha is exactly the kind of platform we are talking about; in addition to Live Chat, VoIP, Video and "common" messaging app like Facebook and Whatsapp. This presents a new opportunity through which your organisation can provide a custom digital experience perfectly compliant with your Customers' expectations.

The experience for the Customer is seamless and there is no new information or tool to learn.  They will ask a question to the Support as easily as sending a message to their friends.

On the agent side, they will easily manage multiple conversations also on asynchronous mode, taking advantage of all the features offered by Vivocha and the messaging platform.

With Vivocha, you could provide the perfect Customer Experience to new consumers, without ever neglecting your other Customers, ensuring the success of your organisation.

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Topics: messaging, millenials, new trends

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