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Integrated Selling Process for Customer Care

Integrated Selling for Customer Care-1

In recent months 78% of consumers have increased their online purchases to avoid exposing themselves to possible COVID-19 infections; in addition, 42% require having online attention and troubleshooting systems.

This has led many businesses to opt for innovative contact center solutions to support physical and digital stores, with new forms of agile and effective interaction.

Integrated Customer Support for Digital Selling

The situation described above underline the need to provide solutions that allow full integration of remote customer management processes, with the aim of accompanying the customer throughout the online purchasing process, or through a virtual extension that allows monitoring what happens before, during and after the visit at the point of sale.

Using the right solutions, it is easy to offer a customer experience integrated into a single process which coordinates and maximize performance within the flow, applying a model that guarantees real-time governance.

Throughout this process, companies can offer to their customers and visitors new ways of leaner and more effective interaction in a multi-channel perspective, also allowing to transfer a digital voice, chat or video interaction from the contact center to consultants directly in the stores, and bringing to the maximization of overall conversion rates.

The Value of Vivocha Omnichannel Solution

Vivocha platform main value is strength on his omnichannel capabilities, allowing communication with customers and simplify processes, regardless of the channels they choose. It provides the customers with the tools to request information, make transactions, book, cancel or modify an appointment all in a seamless connected flow.

Likewise, the administrators of the various channels can communicate among them and respond to incoming requests in different ways: voice, video, chat or shared navigation. In this way, it is easier to manage requests and meet needs, maybe establishing physical appointments or providing online support in the full sales process.

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These business solutions are aimed at optimizing purchasing processes and generating multiple KPIs through technological platforms, which give the possibility of creating new strategies that are more precise and oriented towards what the new consumer is looking for, as it is based on integrated management, which can be enhanced in real time.

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