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How to Handle Your Insurance Policy in The Time of a Subway Trip


We are fortunate enough to be part of an age that thrives on technology, in particular, those related to the internet. Thanks to our ever-advancing technological prowess, even the most complex and demanding tasks can be done in no time at all. Whether it be figuring out our insurance policy, setting up our online banking or just carrying out everyday activities, nothing is impossible anymore! So, let’s focus on how we can carry out these actions quickly and easily with minimum disruption.

What can you do with modern technology?

The advances in technology are leading brands to alter the way in which they interact with their customers. Virtual channels are becoming more and more relevant and popular, and that is why many large companies are offering their customers digital services through apps and websites.

Thanks to our smartphones (pc or tablet), the app or the website often suffice, and we are able to handle anything from managing our insurance policy to set up our online banking in just a few clicks. More than that, we can do it from anywhere; at home, during our lunch break, on the subway ride itself. Taking care of business on the go couldn’t be simpler in this digital era! And if there are any issues, we will always be able to speak to a customer care advisor who, apart from helping with customer queries, will be able to perform any of the more complex actions in no time at all.

Home banking makes everything easier

Let’s look at online banking for instance. We all know the stress of trying to organise our finances, but thanks to the advent of online banking, that stress is becoming a thing of the past! Online banking allows us to handle our accounts, see the history of transactions and make payments or transfers. Now, those are the fundamental features, but beyond that, we are able to cancel and block our cards if stolen and we can even chat online with customer care advisors.

With chat, again, we can get remote advice and further information about a whole list of things. Being able to have these chats online rather than over the phone is ideal as we save time and energy, not to mention that we don’t have to worry about how noisy our environment is or who is listening in. With online banking growing in popularity, it isn’t a surprise that it is becoming more streamlined and engaging by the day.

And what about the insurance policy?

How can we handle our insurance policy on the go? The many insurance providers offers downloadable apps to customers. With these apps, it is possible to:

  • renew a policy;
  • update the contact details and preferences;
  • download personal documents;
  • view the policy details.

Another great thing about these apps is that they come with the helpline link, so we can just click on and get all the help we need.

With the most functional apps, there is the opportunity to have a live chat with a customer care agent or even schedule an appointment to receive a video chat assistance regarding a particular issue.

Insurance apps seem to be advancing faster than ever and adding a whole host of features that will make our life easier, from cataloguing valuable possessions to offering severe weather warnings.

And what about making claims online? This task is always a bit challenging, but many insurance companies offer the opportunity to do it via their app or website. Let’s say we have a car accident. All we have to do is:

  • upload a photo of the damage to the appropriate section;
  • add the details;
  • wait to receive our claim number;
  • use the claim number to keep track of the updates via the app.

With all of the new conveniences of online banking and even being able to make claims through an insurance app, keeping track of these important aspects of our lives have never been easier.

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