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How Companies Can Use the Vivocha Video Solution to interact with their customers


The future of real-time communication is already here: add a video support system to your website and mobile app, provide the most personal and meaningful communication channel and integrate the human touch to the interactions with your customers!

Nowadays, when automation is increasingly spread, customers demand human-like experiences and they want to save time and handle any digital service with major simplicity.  

Real-time communication is at the core of customer care and offers a new level of personalisation to the interactions between customers and agents. Live video with customers also increases the customer's satisfaction. 

People today are accustomed to video chat for personal use and gladly welcome its use in customer care context. Video chat is now used as an interaction channel and even verticals use it, for example, financial services or healthcare systems.

Human interaction in digital stores isn't only a remote chat assistance, today it is a full personal contact, thanks to video solution. This technology is the perfect tool for companies that aim to implement more personalised experience in their customer service.

Vivocha offers this video solution and allows you to implement it in your contact center. This lets your company supporting at the best his customers and giving to them the kind of service and human touch they require.

The possibility to see the operator that the customer is talking to, makes the customers feel at ease and enhances the trust in the agent. This allows the company to gain more benefits and the customer to have a better experience.

On the other hand, agents that handle the video interactions can't follow more than one interaction at a time. But if they were not using the video chat, they would be able to manage more interactions simultaneously.

Overall, this tool brings great benefits and is the perfect medium to help a customer in financial or utility industries.

The many uses of Vivocha Video Solution

Vivocha offers a video solution to handle customer's interaction at the best and allows it to be integrated together with all the other collaborative tools. 

Vivocha Video Solution can be used for live product demonstration. For example, a company can show their products remotely to prospects and assure the success of the meeting, thanks to this tool.

Another possible use for Vivocha Video Solution is for personal shoppers. They can take advantage of this tool to interact with customers, supporting them in their purchase, guiding the visitor, and coming to the conclusion of the best product to purchase for that customer.

One last example concerns the insurance and financial industries. Companies in this field can offer private advice directly on their website. This feature also allows them to discuss with clients, during a scheduled session, and talk freely about sensitive data and information, assuring absolute privacy to the customer.

There are endless options and opportunities for the use of Vivocha's Video Solution, since the Vivocha Video Solution is totally customisable and can be employed in every possible context, assuring the client a more than satisfying experience.


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