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Exceeds Millennials Expectations in Customer Experience


It’s no longer a luxury to be able to communicate with Millennials, it’s a necessity.  Considering that Millennials are those born from 1982 onwards, we have reached the point in which a large part of that generation is working, earning money, spending and banking it. So, It’s no surprise that organisations are investing large sums in catering to this age group when generating value on Social Media for their companies, all necessary means of acquiring new customers from this growing generation.

Customer Support, the key to Customer retention

Millennials are willing to change rapidly from one company to the next if they are unsatisfied with results. Most of them see organisations as conservationist, and whereas this image would have worked to establish trust with older generations, Millennials are the opposite.
Understanding what this range of customers looks for in an organisation, it’s as simple as looking into what they rabidly search for in everything else: accessibility, connection and personality.

Now, this is where the real challenge begins. How can established institutions successfully navigate these new and unexplored waters to provide Millennials with an adapted communications structure and therefore maintain a good image in their eyes? Not surprisingly, the perfect place to start is Customer Service.
These days, consumers wield more information at their fingertips than ever before. Millennials are especially adept at using technology to make informed decisions on products and services that better align with their ideas.
Taking all this into consideration and given the importance of Customer Support to cement the company’s image, it’s increasingly clear that Chat just isn’t enough. To attract and retain consumers, you need to build trust. This trend makes it imperative that your company’s Customer Support Experience is capable of generating and maintaining trust efficiently, while at the same time communicating through the same channels, as your consumers.

Customer Service or Customer disservice?

It’s important to understand that Customers have their own preferences. Nowadays, so many diverse channels exist that it would be a disservice to your company and your consumers to remain outdated.

According to a study from ThinkJar (2017), 55% of Customers requests on social media were neglected: this is not the right way to do it.

With a Customer Engagement Platform like Vivocha, you can now install Chat capabilities directly on websites and mobile apps, use Video, co-Browsing, monitor activity in real-time with reports and insights and even take advantage of provided APIs and SDKs to integrate more innovative channels like Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp.

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Text Messaging, The Future Channel for Customer Care

If this last possibility has not piqued your interest, then it should, because social media is the Millennial generation’s most powerful weapon. They use social platforms like Facebook on a daily basis to compile a company’s image and personality; in fact, according to a research conducted by Microsoft in 2017, 74% of millennials reported improved brand perception of companies responding through social media channels.

 As a company catering to this generation, you need to be present and active on social media just to be seen, and you need to excel at it to be respected. It’s not as easy as just creating a social media profile and uploading all the relevant information about your company, you need to go further and develop a social media persona just like any other user on the platform. Companies are, more than ever, being judged by their online actions and personalities.

It’s these hard-to-find specialisations that will push your company to the front of the line, placing you before the competition and ensuring the one thing everyone wants and few can achieve: a long, fruitful relationship between your organisation and the future generation of consumers, Millennials. 

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