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Conversational User Interfaces Open up Chances for Traditional Banks

uomo digital.fffConversational banking is a new digital channel that will soon become mainstream and a fundamental element of an omnichannel distribution network for banks.
It's still at an early stage, but today's customers are very interested in messaging and expect a personalized digital experience.
Embracing conversational banking is certainly an innovative but also complex path, which has already been seen with the introduction of telephone and internet banking in recent decades.
Banks need to increase efficiency and can do so by leveraging artificial intelligence to automate some customer operations.
Banks will require new skills to recruit, new technologies to integrate, organizational attention and a strong marketing strategy to differentiate and succeed.

This is the theme around which the new Accenture report "Banks are embracing the power of conversational banking" develops.
Conversations are driving the next wave of digital growth, and commerce is taking advantage of it; in particular, this causes a significant impact on the banking industry.
Although many different kinds of automated interactions have already become established in the banking sector, keeping up with today's developments is becoming increasingly challenging.

The first step in a colloquial banking strategy can be to integrate a virtual assistant.
This kind of technology is expanding today and there are more and more technologies in this regard, able to process a lot of data and interact with the user in an increasingly complete and natural way.

The implications of conversational banking are far-reaching. It is essential to follow the right development approach and business model.
This also allows banks to start conversing with their clients to better meet their needs and provide the best solution for them.

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