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Proactive Engagement: does it scare visitors?

by Mktg team | December 20, 2011


One of the most common questions I get asked during Vivocha presentations concerns Proactive Engagement features.

Anyone, almost constantly, keep asking: “do proactive invitations scare visitors, do I risk making them run away? Let’s make an analogy with real life experience

What happens when you walk into a store and a shop assistant politely, gently, offers help in finding the product that best suits your needs ? Do you get scared and run away? Probably not

Few months ago we surveyed more than 1,700 online shoppers about Online Customer Service; one of the question was: “If – while browsing an ecommerce site – you will be offered live support via a personalized popup or banner, how would you rate the service”

Contrary to popular thinking, our research shows that customers have a very positive attitude towards proactive engagement, 35% of respondents will see it positively, an additional 20% will increase its buying attitude if offered live support. Only 2% will be disappointed by the support offer leaving the site.

As in real life the only real risk is to fail approach; to be too invasive or send out an invitation at the wrong time.

The Vivocha Proactive Engine manages web page components (contents, graphics, forms…) and, based on customizable parameters and rules, proposes different possible interactions to the visitor/customer ,such as chatting with a consultant or scheduling a telephone callback, thus offering the best possible web experience.

Vivocha’s engagement engine is fully proactive, meaning that you can easily decide when and who to engage, based on wide variety of rules: where’s you visitor coming from? What did she/he search on Google? Was it a click on a banner? How often has she visited a certain product page?

The Vivocha Proactive Engine includes all the tools for optimizing the Online Engagement of visitors/customers: it monitors navigation, optimizes contact opportunities and enhances the web experience. Thanks to the Proactive Engine it is possible to offer support exclusively to visitors who really need it, those visitors, for example, who display dissatisfaction in the self-service or FAQ areas.

And, of course, all of it is amazingly simply to setup!

When done right proactive engagement can boost online sales thanks to a significant increase in the conversion rate, while improving customer satisfaction, retention and loyalty.

If you aren’t using it, you’re missing a big opportunity: start engaging you customers online now

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