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How to Improve the Customer Experience Online

by Mktg team | June 05, 2013


Social Media and Mobile Internet have given customers the impression that they can get what they want, when they want. This affects the way online interactions should be managed: quality and price are not anymore the only aspects customers care about, but also speed, customization and support.

We thought it could be useful to share some tips derived from our experience, to provide the best possible service to customers, here are the main points to keep in mind while interacting with customers on the web:

- Act Quick: nobody likes to wait, and that’s even more true online; customers surfing the web are used to get what they need in real-time and can be bored easily if they have to wait too long. Using a combination of Canned Responses and having Agents manage multiple interactions at a time can lower the waiting time sensibly.

- Be Informed: Gather as much information you can automatically, so that the Agents can go straight to the point instead of spending precious time to get all they needs from the user.

- Give the customer a Unique Experience: everybody likes to feel special and that’s true also for online interactions: using an intelligent combination of triggers, give the customer a customized experience by presenting different call-to-action based on who he/she is and on his/her behavior and navigation path.

- Be Supportive: guide the customer through the passages he/she needs, instead of just telling him/her what to do. Co-Browsing and page pushing are very useful tools to walk users step-by-step towards the solution of the problem.

- Listen: last but not least, remember that customers want to be listened to, and that’s the more important part about the customer experience they’ll remember.


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