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Top Reasons Why Co-Browsing Improves Customer Experience

How co-browsing can improve call center customer experience

Giving the best customer experience in a call center is one of the main goals set by management. Through co-browsing, you are giving your clients optimal experience.

With co-browsing allowing your agents to view your customer’s screen as you are assisting them, you can give almost the same level of service as if your customers were right in front of your agent in person.


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Even with co-browsing becoming mainstream only very recently, there are already encouraging statistics that support co-browsing benefits. In fact, 13.8% of companies that used co-browsing in their customer service have seen a year-on-year improvement in the number of positive social media mentions compared to just 3.4% of those who don’t use co-browsing.

With such a positive impact on social media, it’s clear that customers love co-browsing. To help you further understand the benefits specifically on your clients’ experience, here are some ways co-browsing improves call center customer experience.


Co-browsing on its own already makes customers take notice because of its mere novelty. It’s something new that not all contact centers have yet.

The first time a customer gets customer support through co-browsing will be a particularly memorable one and will put your customer service reputation over those who don’t have it. Whatever company, product or service tied to the contact center that has co-browsing will benefit from an improved perception of their brand. Co-browsing is, after all, a technological innovation and your brand will benefit from being associated with it.

Of course, eventually co-browsing will be very common and will be the new standard, but until then, you can take advantage of its image benefits.

Trust boost

It’s a no brainer; trust is a key component of call center customer experience. Therefore, having tools or functionalities that help build trust is important in improving your customer satisfaction.

Generally, building trust has been left to the customer service and personal skills of a customer service agent. How well they empathize with customers that they can’t see personally and can’t read facial expressions or body language of become the second best way to build customer trust aside from solving the problem itself. However, technological advancements can now contribute in trust building.

Co-browsing basically allows an agent to view a customer’s screen with their consent. Since access to a screen is quite personal, it puts your conversation on a different level and helps your agent resolve your client’s problem better and faster. This contributes a lot to building a stellar customer service reputation.

When looking for a customer engagement platform for your call center, make sure it has co-browsing as one of the functionalities.

No miscommunication

With an additional dimension to your conversation by co-browsing, your agents will be able to understand your customer better.

We all know that communicating with call center agents can be very frustrating at times. Customer support over the phone or chat can lead to lots of miscommunication. “Do you see the button at the bottom of the page?”, “No? Ok, what page are you in now?”, “Have you tried turning it off and on again?”. There are just so many things that can’t be relayed easily.

With co-browsing, your agent sees what the customer sees putting them both literally and figuratively “on the same page”.

Faster problem resolution

With lesser communication barriers brought by co-browsing, customer issues can be solved more quickly. Customers don’t want to spend time glued to their phone or desktop any more than they have to.

As it is, by contacting you, they are already disappointed because of some unexpected error or because they need assistance. The sooner you can resolve their issues, the sooner they can go on and be a satisfied customer. And that can only be done if you have a capable customer engagement platform.


Customer experience in call centers is an area where you are already starting at a disadvantage. People don’t reach out to the call center to praise companies for their products. They come calling with expectations and most likely a negative experience.

As you’ve seen in the reasons above, co-browsing helps you level the field. When selecting the right software solution for your call center, platforms with strong co-browsing capabilities should be on top of your list.

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