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3 Key Benefits of Having a Customer Interaction Platform For Your Bank

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You don’t have to be working for a bank to know that the number one reason a customer switches to another bank is because of bad customer service. 

After all, even if fees are slightly higher, people in general are willing to pay for superior service.


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From time-consuming processes to unanswered requests for support or maybe their online banking services are too complicated to make sense of - there are many ways you could fail at customer service. Out of this need in the financial sector for better customer service came the Customer Interaction Platform.

It allows you to oversee your customer service agents as they provide support to your customers. It can provide insights into your customers’ “frequently asked questions” and how they interact with your website, and sometimes connect them with data from your customer relationship management (CRM), giving you additional insight into your customers.

To help you decide if getting a Customer Interaction Platform is right for your bank, here are 3 important benefits that you can get from adopting one:

1. All Customer Interactions in One Place

When customer service becomes a priority for banks, it’s important to get a good overview of your support staff’s interactions with customers. Imagine having an easy-to-understand dashboard that feeds real-time information and analytics on the number of site visitors, conversion rates and browsing patterns. Some platforms can even drill down into a specific visitor that your support staff assisted and see the chat assistance transcript, the customer’s approximate location, which of your support staff assisted them and more.

If you don’t have a platform that gathers everything you need to know about online customer service, then it will be more difficult to improve your team’s ability to support customers. It’s basically flying blindly and hoping that you stick the landing.

2. Proactive Optimization

By having customer service overview now available to you through a customer interaction platform, you can easily identify areas for improvement such as how your customer service staff deal with requests, pages that have errors or confusing content for visitors, online services that are too complex or unclear for users or even ineffective design layouts.

Some platforms have co-browsing capabilities which allow you to see your visitor’s screen as they browse through your site, the buttons or links they are clicking and where they bounce off. This can be insightful especially if you start detecting patterns. Having a clearer view of how your customers interact with your website or portal allows you to optimize these areas for improvement before your next visitor complains about it.

3. Get More Out Of Your Support Staff

Let’s say you have a team of five handling your customer service. When requests for support start pouring in past your capacity, that results in longer waiting times since each staff member has to finish with a client before moving on to the next. With customer interaction platforms, you can make one staff member handle more requests at the same time.

Each support staff just needs to log into their console and with be given a web interface for them to assist multiple customer at the same time. This not only reduced wait times but also increases the number of requests that are resolved. Another functionality you can look for when shopping for customer interaction platforms is canned responses. These are pre-written responses to frequently asked questions. Before sending they should be customizable so that you can still keep things personal and not sound robotic.


For the most part, banks have concentrated more on new customer acquisition than customer retention. Customer service, which is the main driver of customer retention in the banking industry, has taken a backseat to marketing and sales driving up churn rates and losing customers to competitors.

If your organization wants to take customer service seriously, then it needs to use the right tools for the job. Just like a pro tennis players and golfers buy the best rackets and clubs if they want to compete, banks also have to use professional tools such as customer interaction platforms to take their customer service game to the next level.

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