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"The video, the protagonist of digital services" was a great success!

Il video, il protagonista dei servizi digitali

30/11/2021 - The digital event hosted by  Vivocha was a huge success! 4  innovative projects developed with Banca Intesa, Sisal, BMW Bank and Infocert, with video chat as protagonist, were presented today.

On the 30th of November, took place the successful online webinar hosted by Vivocha, technology company of Covisian Group (click here to watch it).

The main focus of event was to share the successful projects that Bmw Bank, Intesa Sanpaolo Bank, Sisal and Infocert developed with Vivocha in order to improve customer experience and deliver optimized phygital services.

During the live event 4 keynote speakers took the stage to introduce their successful projects and the innovative perception of their company: 

Daniele Citterio, Chief Technology Officer at  Infocert 
Luca AgnesiDigital Transformation & Process Manager at BMW Bank 
Luca Stucchi, CRM & Operations Expert at Sisal Group 
Maurice Lisi, Head of Digital Channels at Banca Intesa Sanpaolo ISBD 
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Infocert - The virtual counter for Agenzia delle Entrate e Riscossioni

Daniele Citterio, CTO at Infocert, presented the project developed for Agenzia delle Entrate e Riscossioni live from the 27th of September.  Italian citizens now don’t necessarily need to book a meeting at the physical branch anymore but can easily  conduct it online through a video call. This means that the same services that citizens could only conduct at the branch are now available online. Users can book the session online and receive confirmation via email, with a calendar reminder and all the necessary information to easily connect for the call.

This change has been possible thanks to the integration of a platform that simplifies procedures of digital recognition and that allows to exchange documents and digitally sign them, and this is where Vivocha's and Infocert's seamless combination play a key role. 

BMW Bank - Remote counseling online
Luca Agnesi, Digital Transformation & Process Manager BMW Bank, presented the project of remote counseling developed in collaboration with Vivocha. This service allows client to be guided and have a professional feedback from BMW advisors even online. The two touchpoint from where this interaction can be lunched are: BMW Financial Services private area and the websites of the brands of the Group (BMW, Mini etc.). The same type of assistance that they would receive at their car dealership is now available online too.
This solution, based on the feedback received from online users, makes them feel safer and brought an increase in terms of customer loyalty.

Sisal Group - Video tech support for stores
Luca Stucchi, CRM & Operations Expert at Sisal Group, presented the project of technical remote assistance developed in collaboration with Vivocha. The new digital support channel will enable integrated and direct interaction through Vivocha's platform of Next Generation Customer Care.

Point-of-sale staff are now capable to receive assistance remotely and don't have to wait for a technician to come to the store for a first review of the situation. The agent will be able to send, directly from the platform, a link via SMS that will allow the user to start a video-assistance sessionThe integration of Vivocha allows the technician  to take snapshots of the video directly from the smartphone and, at the end of the session, enter notes on the resolution of the case in the company CRM. This helps generate knowledge base available for other colleagues of the company in order to solve problems more quickly.

Banca Intesa Sanpaolo - Remote advisory with visual ID
Maurice Lisi, Head of Digital Channels at Banca Intesa Sanpaolo ISBD , presented the client advisory project developed in collaboration with Vivocha.

This digital service  focuses  the possibility for the clients of the bank to receive support and advisory even online. The number of services that you can receive assistance for are numerous, mortgage application or loan request.  As far as mortgage application is concerned, the service is focused on defining wether the client is eligible for it or not, identify them, and then move to the commercial negotiation that precedes in-branch finalization.

The user, after providing eligibility information, is directed to the mortgage specialist. During the video call, with Vivocha's technology, the specialist proceeds to identify the customer (with analysis of shared documents) and then initiates the business negotiation. This service reduces the wait time and number of branch meetings required to complete the process.


If you are interested in learning more about these two services and how they can be applied to you specific business do not hesitate to book a demo online or to  contact us.

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