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Vivocha's CEO interviewed at the Artificial Intelligence Week

La settimana dellIA-Ferranti-Pasi

24/06/2021 - Gianluca Ferranti, Vivocha's CEO,  interviewed at the AI Week on  Customer Care & AI

Gianluca Ferranti, Vivocha's CEO, took part to the AI Week organized by QuestIT. During the event, with Marco Montemagno and Alberto Pasi, Strategic Solutions Director at Genesys, they discussed on Customer Care & AI by focusing on its advantages and opportunities.

Many interesting point emerged and we have the pleasure to share some of them with you:

- During the last two years we have seen a profound evolution of customer service, also thanks to the  involvement of'AI. In 2021, we have reached a 40% increase in digital interactions with consumers.

- Artificial intelligence is involved in various types of interaction (how, when, where to intervene and with which solution) and it is also increasingly at the service of call centre operators..

- In addition to automation, AI is increasingly used to provide proactive support and to reduce frequency of contact.

- Companies want to provide experience as a service and in order to do so  focus is on: listening to customers, and their needs, on actions and learning.

- Focus is always more centered around customers and their feedback. Thanks to AI, it is possible to massively  listen to brand/user conversations and extract insights that allow us to be aware of the users' perception of  products/services offered and understand where and how to improve.

The interview concluded with a very interesting question on the trends of the AI world in the next few years and two scenarios emerged:

- Will personal virtual assistants come to life?

-What about development of  BOT + BOT communication (both company and end-user side)?


For those interested in  watching the full interview it is available on the social media pages of Marco Montemagno.

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