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Quixa's chatbot wins at the Italian Insurtech Summit 2021

Quixa - IIA Awards 2021

21/09/2021 - Quixa  wins the award for "Most effective web services" at the Italian Insurtech Summit 2021, with the chatBOT project developed in collaboration with Vivocha.

On the 21st of september at the Italian Insurtech Summit were announced the winners of the IIA Awards.

During the event, Quixa received the award for "Most effective Web services" thanks to their ChatBOT project, developed in collaboration with Vivocha and  Digitiamo - start up winner of the acceleration program Make No Little Plans.

This is a great recognition that rewards the continuous strike for #innovation, in the form of users services, and that integrates a powerful ChatBot in a #customerexperience increasingly oriented on improving the online experience.

This excellent innovation oriented collaboration between Vivocha, technology company of Covisian Group, and Quixa continues since 2014. But since 2020, a new technology has been integrated in the management of the digital channels of the company, which is based on the use of chat and bot, AIKnowYou of Digitiamo. 

Thanks to this collaboration, it has been possible to optimize and more frequently automate interactions with clients inside the chat, integrating in the process a careful transcript analysis and identification of the most frequent topics, allowing artificial intelligence to learn from actual conversations with online users. 

If you are interested in learning more about the project, developed by Quixa in collaboration with Vivocha and Digitiamo, you can watch the recording of the webinar , that took place this spring, with Pamela Perego, Head of Operations Excellence & IT of Quixa, and Mirko Puliafito, CEO of Digitiamo. 

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