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Covisian Group is supporting the research of the Observatory Omnichannel Customer Experience of the Polytechnic of Milan in 2021

Covisian - Osservatorio OCX Politecnico di Milano

30/06/2021 - Covisian Group is supporting the research of the Observatory Omnichannel Customer Experience, a unique source of information, data and knowledge on digital innovation.

The Omnichannel Customer Experience Observatory, at its fifth edition, is aimed at supporting companies in the understanding and analysis of business benefits resulting from an omnichannel strategy, by delivering insights and guidelines on how to implement it and overcome existing barriers.

The reflections and debates during this year’s research, are focused on  several subjects, such as:

  • Survey on the level of maturity of Italian companies when it comes to strategic approach to Omnichannel Customer Experience and on the trends compared to the past.
  • Detection of the approaches implemented by companies when it comes to data enrichment, data analysis and data activation.
  • Highlight the impacts of an omnichannel strategy on the different functions involved in customer management.
  • Study of the benefits of an omnichannel approach in areas such as marketing, sales and customer care.

The research program of the Observatory includes several opportunities for discussion: workshops, advisory board and final conference. These sessions with the network represent a key opportunity for the companies both of the demand and of the supply to investigate the evolution of customer experience and on the innovative digital solutions capable of enabling it.

The network opportunities provided by the Observatory bring cross-industry innovation incentives through the sharing of experiences across sectors.

To find out more on the next events related to the Observatory you can follow Covisian’s social accounts or check out the Polytechnic of Milan Observatory’s website.

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