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Vivocha is among the winners of the Contest for Google Business Messages

Premio Demo Google

15/06/2021 - Vivocha wins an award at the Build-an-Agent Contest, held by Google, for best demo!

Vivocha is amongst the prestigious companies winning the Build-an-Agent Contest for the creation of one of the best demos, with an innovative experience, on  Google Business Messages.

The contest represented an opportunity to showcase what the company is able to create using Business Messages, bringing innovation and creativity to the table while enhancing the functionalities of the platform, which allows companies to learn and build new processes through technology, influencing the roadmap and offering their customers an up-to-date messaging experience through Google Search, Google Maps and other branded channels. 

Google Business Messages helps brands interact with their clients through an instant dialogue experience and improves customer care with advanced functionalities such as carousels and pictures, allowing companies to expand conversations an d increase loyalty, sales, planning and up-selling.


Watch the ward winning demo  for Google Business Messages


Vivocha, technology company of Covisian Group - BPO international leader, manages and develops innovative digital solutions aiming at offering clients personalized consulting and ways to optimize and improve communication on all digital channels.

By including Google’s Business Messages, Vivocha has the opportunity to expand the potential of the platform, increasing the number of inbound channels for customer support. Thanks to Google Business Messages, people can easily get in touch with an agent directly from Google Maps.

The demo perfectly illustrates the full potential of the integration of Google's messagging app with Vivocha, showing both the points of strength of an interaction with live agents both the power of Vivocha's tools to build  automatic interaction flows or managed by a chatbot.

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