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Webinar - Vivocha & Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integration

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Subscribe to our webinar about the integration of Microsoft Dynamics 365 on the Vivocha Platform on the 18th of April.

In this webinar, we will present the integration of Vivocha with Microsoft Dynamics 365, made possible by the intervention of Cluster Reply. The inclusion of external CRM in the Digital Customer Engagement platform provides service representatives with the possibility of viewing each piece of relevant information on a single screen, through which they interact with customers, thus offering a better experience together with greater productivity.

To offer the best digital experience to your customers every time they interact with your company, through different touchpoints, it is essential that the information related to their activities is completely integrated.

The integration of CRM systems and AI technologies makes it possible to completely manage the contact on a single platform, integrating and synchronizing every customer information between company processes.

Integrazione Vivocha e Microsoft Dynamics 365: Verso la Migliore Customer Experience

Giovedì 18 aprile 2019

H 11:00 - 12:00


Fausto Curridori - Technical Presales Manager, Vivocha

Lorenzo Marcellino - Senior Consultant e Technical Leader, Cluster Reply  Iscrizione al webinar


About Vivocha
Vivocha is a cloud-based service, tailored to businesses looking to engage their customers online, using the most effective communication channel at the right time, with the right agent. Vivocha enables businesses to seamlessly communicate with prospects and customers right on the website or mobile app, using any combination of VoIP, video, chat, call-backs and collaboration tools, like assisted browsing, form & document sharing.
For more information please visit vivocha.com

About Cluster Reply
Cluster Reply is the Reply group company specializing in consulting services and systems integration on Microsoft technologies. It operates in Italy and collaborates with other companies in the group that are Microsoft partners in Brazil, Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States.
The company is focused on innovation and has always offered Microsoft solutions, on-premise and in the cloud, in the areas of Modern Workplace, Business Applications, Applications and Infrastructure, Data and AI.
For more information please visit cluster-reply.it

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